What is the Best Placement for Bubble Tip Anemone?

What is the best bubble tip anemone placement?

The short answer is that there isn’t one.

If you want to add a bubble tip anemone and expect to stay in one place, I am afraid it won’t happen.

Don’t get me wrong! Bubble tip anemones can stay in one place for a very long time. But, you need to create an ideal environment.

You might ask what the ideal environment for a bubble tip anemone is?

It is an environment where the anemone feels safe and has the appropriate amount of flow and lighting. Easier said than done.

To increase the chances of your anemone staying in one place, you need to find the sweet spot for it in your reef tank, and that’s what we will talk about in this article.

Keep in mind that even if all the conditions are met, your anemone may still wonder.

bubble tip anemone placement


Where should bubble tip anemones be placed in a tank?

Place your bubble tip anemone on a rock without any other corals nearby. When introducing the anemone to your reef tank, turn off the pumps or reduce the flow to a minimum. Give it time to settle in.

You should not turn on the pumps or increase the flow immediately because you risk the anemone wandering around. 

Chances are, the bubble tip anemone will move until it finds the best placement.

Keep in mind that you should only introduce a bubble tip anemone in a mature tank at least six months old, preferably a year old. 

Adding an anemone in a freshly set up tank will not end well because the bubble tip anemone won’t stop wandering.

Do bubble tip anemones like high flow?

In general, bubble tip anemones like moderate flow and high-intensity lighting. However, there are exceptions, and your anemone may prefer slightly different conditions.

They can tolerate high flow, but they don’t want to be directly exposed to a high flow area. If the anemone is unhappy, it will move and find a place appropriate to its needs.

Can I move my bubble tip anemone?

We buy these animals with the intention to watch and observe their mesmerizing beauty and natural behavior, and then they choose the most inconvenient place to settle in.

It is not rare for reefers to buy a beautiful bubble tip anemone only to see it hide behind the rocks at the back of the tank. Can you move the anemone in the front of the tank so you can enjoy it to its fullest?

Unfortunately, it’s for the best benefit of the anemone to leave it where it is. The anemone has chosen that place for a reason. It’s probably the best placement suitable for its needs. I know the urge to move it to a spot better suited for your needs but try to resist it.

Anemones have a delicate foot, and if you are not careful when trying to detach from the rock, you might harm it. 

Do bubble tip anemones like sand or rock?

There are many different types of sea anemones, and they all have different needs. Some prefer to sit on the sandbed, others on a rock.

The bubble tip anemone likes to be placed on a rock, preferably with holes where it can attach its foot.

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Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, we can’t force a bubble tip anemone to stay in one spot. 

Unless you are very lucky, it will move around until it finds its place. 

Before you add a bubble tip anemone to your tank, you need to be aware that there is a high chance it will wander around. 

In essence, there isn’t anything you can do except try to provide a suitable placement and hope that it will like it from the beginning.

But, in the end, they are worth the trouble because bubble tip anemones are one of the most fascinating sea animals we can keep in our home aquariums.

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